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26″ x 16″ Poly bag yard signs with frames

Contact us for custom sign requests.

BSA join scouts
Join Cub Scouts

Direct Mail Plus Digital

Would you like to enhance your Recruitment Mailer results by 23-46%?

Combine your direct mail marketing with 7 integrated digital technologies to maximize your campaign’s impact!

Ask Bob & Brittany about our Mail Plus Program today!

Trifolds and Postcards

Personal Direct Mail

Personalize your recruiting message with variable data fields, allowing you to address each mailer to potential scout families, and invite them to local round-up meetings closest to their homes!

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Stickers, Bookmarks, Tattoos, Peer Cards, and MORE!

We can customize any item for you!

BSA Stickers
BSA Bookmarks
BSA Canopy
Cub Scouts Peer Card

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BSA Flyers

We have all BSA Flyers Available

60# offset will not get jammed in your copier

Cub Scouts

*We design custom flyers too!
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Scouts BSA

11″ x 17″ Posters

We have all BSA posters available

Cub Scouts

*We design custom posters too!
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Scouts BSA

Recruitment Signage

We offer flyers, posters, yard signs, door hangers, postcards, bookmarks, stickers, and more!

We can also customize your pieces, call us today for a quote.

Banner-Ups – BSAS173

Spectrum can design your custom 24″ x 78″ Banner Stands with PosPro Graphics. Take advantage of volume discount pricing.

Mercury Banner Stands

1-2: $455 ea.
3-5: $430 ea.
6+: $400 ea.

Economy Banner Stands

1-2: $215 ea.
3-5: $205 ea.
6+: $183 ea.

What’s the Difference between Mercury/Economy Banner Stands?

Scout Banners

SBSA-BNR22-1  CS-BNR22-1  SBSA-BNR22-2  CS-BNR22-2


Spectrum can design large format banners,
handouts and take-aways!

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